About Akal Global University

The Akal Global University, USA was founded in 2018 and was the first Sikh International University in the world to offer Sikhism studies through online mode. Akal Global University is established to propagate Guru Nanak’s Message of Universal Brotherhood of Man with a goal to Establish Permanent Peace in the world.  This Online University will deliver Faith Based Programs for the benefit of Diaspora from Punjab/India and for general Sikh and non-Sikh  audience around the globe.

In Phase one the University will deliver:  a) the unique video recordings of whole Guru Granth Sahib (the Holy Scripture of Sikhs) recited in Original Ragas as Sung by Gurus and other authors in the Scripture;  b) online lessons for learning Punjabi; and  c) online lessons in Sikh History.  These programs are developed for the benefit of Global Sikh / non Sikh Community and it is free of cost.  Further programs in this series would be developed from the input of the participants. Please enjoy and your suggestions are welcomed.  “